Kareena Kapoor Khan, a beloved and enduring actress in the industry, has always been cherished by her fans. Recently, a video has resurfaced where Kareena candidly shares with Karan Johar her regret about turning down a film alongside the iconic Shah Rukh Khan. This video has added curiosity among fans as she openly talks about regretting rejecting that film.

In a video posted by Celeb_Coffee_Chat, Karan Johar asks Kareena Kapoor Khan about her thought process when she rejected Kal Ho Na Ho to which Kareena Kapoor Khan replied “I don’t know what it was” and then she spoke about how she regrets not picking up Karan’s calls as she lost the friendship for a long time after that. Kareena also spoke about how she wanted to call Karan up during the shoot and say she wanted to be a part of the film but did not because they had already begun shooting. She also says she missed an opportunity of a lifetime by rejecting the film!

It would be really interesting to imagine Kareena in place of Preity Zinta and how the film Kal Ho Na Ho would turn out… I am hoping to see SRK and Kareena bring magic to the screen again with their films together just like old times!

Feature Image courtesy- SRKCFC Twitter

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