Deepika Padukone recently did a cameo in ‘Jawan’ as Aishwarya Rathore who was Shah Rukh Khan’s on-screen wife has been getting plenty of love for the role she played. Not only was Deepika’s character important but also impactful even though the screen time was less. Deepika and SRK have been one of the most loved on-screen couples as their chemistry just melts your heart. Now at the Jawan press conference yesterday, Deepika just revealed her cast fees for the film and it will surprise you!

At the Jawan press conference, Deepika Padukone revealed that she did her cameo as Aishwarya Rathore for free in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer! Deepika Padukone also expressed how she was featured in the Jawan only for her love for Shah Rukh Khan. It was an extremely heartfelt moment to know that an actress and global icon like Deepika did a cameo so strong and impactful and charged no fee for that because of the great bond they share! Fans went gaga once they heard this and they truly stole the hearts of the audience with their adorable bond.

I love seeing SRK and Deepika on screen and I really hope to see this adorable on-screen couple in another film again.