Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has lately been in the news for all the right reasons. The film also boasts of a stellar star cast that also includes names like Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. Ever since the trailer came out, the fans have been desperately awaiting the release of the film. The trailer gave us a glimpse of Shahrukh and his various avatars in the film. The trailer also raised the question in my mind, of whether he plays the hero or the villain in the film. Check out the trailer below and take a guess…

While some scenes showed him as a fighter, and protecting people. There were also scenes of him in a completely different avatar, which showed him holding a set of people hostage, and Nayanthara who plays a cop on the phone with him, asking for what it would take to let these people go. Here’s when the ‘Alia Bhatt’ dialogue comes in which had people talking! The actor also took to Instagram recently to introduce the audience to his varied characters in the film. One thing I’ve also heard is that he is set to play a dual role in the film, of a father and also of a son.

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Come discover all the various avatars of SRK at the cinemas, as the film releases on 7th September. And find out for yourself whether he plays a hero or a villain in this Atlee directorial.