Shah Rukh Khan, the “King of Bollywood,” has always been known for his charming personality, wit, and warm demeanour. His film Jawan saw tremendous success at the box office breaking a number of box office records. However, during an interview of Ridhi Dogra with Hauterfly, something rather intriguing came to light – the actress who played the role of SRK’s said mom in the film revealed, how what the superstar had to say to her.

Ridhi when she received the offer to play this role was very excited, she said that she had grown up watching him on the big screen. The actress revealed that Shahrukh when he came onto the set, spoke to her and Ridhi expressed how she had her apprehensions working with him and playing his mother. To calm her nerves, SRK told her that he would not call her ‘Amma’. This move by Shah Rukh Khan is a step towards making the film industry more inclusive and welcoming to diverse talents.

The film has been running successfully at the cinemas for over a month now and everyone seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed Ridhi’s role as Kaveri Amma in the film. If you haven’t caught it yet, what are you waiting for? Go catch it at a cinema near you!