‘Takeshi’s Castle,’ originally a Japanese game show from the 80s, is making a comeback with an Indian reboot. The series will be narrated by actor and content creator Bhuvan Bam, known as ‘Titu Mama,’ and it will be available for streaming on Prime Video starting November 2, 2023. This revival aims to bring the fun and excitement of the show to a new audience, offering a fresh take on the classic game show format.

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for the much-anticipated Indian reboot of Takeshi’s Castle, with actor and content creator Bhuvan Bam as ‘Titu Mama.’ The trailer pays homage to the original show’s beloved commentator Javed Jaffrey and introduces viewers to the iconic game show’s format and characters. This nostalgia-filled reboot will feature eight episodes exclusively for Prime members in India and is part of Amazon Prime Video’s festive line-up, which includes original series, movies, and special offers for customers.

The Indian reboot of Takeshi’s Castle, narrated by Bhuvan Bam as ‘Titu Mama,’ has generated immense excitement with its trailer. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the November 2, 2023 premiere, exclusively for Amazon Prime members in India.