Diwali brought more than just festive lights as Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s ‘Tiger 3’ roared into theaters, unleashing a wave of excitement among fans. The third installment, released on the auspicious occasion, became the ultimate Diwali blockbuster. Fans, engulfed in the festive spirit, celebrated the day with fervor and fireworks, setting the stage for ‘Tiger 3‘ to conquer the box office in just 2 days.

Fans weren’t just spectators but protagonists in the Tiger 3 saga. Eagerly waiting outside theaters, they turned the screening into a celebration, lighting up the night with firecrackers. The fandom went bonkers for Salman Khan‘s starrer, and the numbers tell a tale of their zeal. As the curtains rose on day one, According to Business Today, ‘Tiger 3’ raked in a roaring Rs 44.50 crore, setting the stage on fire. Day two witnessed a frenzy, with collections soaring to a staggering Rs 58 crore. The fan-driven madness catapulted the total box office collections to an exhilarating Rs 102.5 crore.

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In exciting news, the film dashed past the 100 crore mark within just two days, leaving fans cheering for this electrifying Diwali delight.

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