Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly rocking the silver screen, and she’s practically doing a victory dance with the mind-blowing success of Tiger 3! The YRF Spy Universe is basically the superhero of box office blockbusters, and Katrina is leading the charge with style and sass. Move over, record books, Katrina’s making her own history!

Tiger 3 is on a roaring spree, raking in a whopping 148.50 crore nett in India and a jaw-dropping 240 crore worldwide over the weekend! Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are smashing records left and right, with the film marking their best opening weekend and clinching the title of the biggest opener in the Tiger franchise. Katrina, basking in the success, gleefully notes the nationwide Diwali entertainment extravaganza, celebrating the infectious joy of audiences dancing in theatres from every corner of the country. As a dedicated entertainer, she takes immense pride in Tiger 3 contributing to the stellar year for Hindi cinema, creating enduring memories for the thrilled audience.

It’s truly delightful to witness the widespread entertainment that Tiger 3 is bringing to people across the nation this Diwali. It’s amazing to see audiences from all corners of the country joyfully dancing in the theatres! The enthusiasm, cheers, and whistles from the audience reflect the incredible time they are having at the cinemas during this festive season.
As someone dedicated to providing entertainment, this holds immense significance for me. I take great pride in Tiger 3 and I am elated that each film in this franchise has created enduring memories for the audience to cherish. This year has been phenomenal for Hindi cinema, and I am thrilled that Tiger 3 is being enjoyed by audiences in the theatres.

Tiger 3, starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, has stormed the box office, collecting a staggering 148.50 crore nett in India and 240 crore worldwide over its opening weekend. The film not only marks the duo’s career-best opening but also stands as the biggest opener in the Tiger franchise, affirming its colossal success in the hearts of audiences worldwide.