Bigg Boss 17 got a jolt of energy with internet sensation Orry’s wildcard entry. Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani, spilled eight amusing details about his life to Salman Khan on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ giving fans a sneak peek into his vibrant personality. From his daily routine to getting paid to pose at weddings, Orry’s revelations promise more fun and surprises in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

Here are 7 revelations made by Orry To Salman Khan…

1. Orry Carries Three Phones

In his chat with Salman Khan, Orry spilled the beans on his unique phone strategy, three phones for morning, afternoon, and evening vibes! His reasoning? To ensure he’s always powered up, even if one phone’s battery drains out. Orry’s not just a tech wizard; he’s also a memory maestro, confessing his love for freezing moments in pictures because, as he puts it, ‘pictures stay forever.’

2. Orry Wishes To Inspire The Youth

When grilled about his social media photo frenzy by Salman, Orry casually revealed his master plan—he’s not just editing and posting for likes, he’s on a mission to spark inspiration among the youth, encouraging and inspiring them to be like him!

3. Orry’s Daily Routine

When asked about his routine, Orry shared a mix of wellness practices and personal goals. He mentioned starting his day with a head massage, aligning chakras, checking tarot cards, and hitting the gym to shed weight. Currently, at 51 kgs from 74, Orry aims for 47, not for any role but simply for himself. He humorously added that his weight might fluctuate a bit come January or February. Orry’s daily grind is indeed a unique blend of self-care and personal milestones.

4. Orry Worked As A Waiter

SalmanKhan asked on the floor what does he do for a living and his reaction was epic. Orry reflected on a life well-lived, sharing snippets of his diverse journey. From waiting tables to gracing the screen and dabbling in graphic design, he’s worn many hats. Having earned his stripes during his youth, Orry humorously declared that he’s now in the ‘golden years,’ savoring the fruits of his earlier hustles.

5. Orry Doesn’t Have To Pay Bills

In a lighthearted moment, Orry shared a perk of his newfound fame, he often gets treated like a star, enjoying free meals at restaurants and not having to pay the bill with a simple photo request by them.

6. Orry Has 5 Managers

Orry spilled the beans on his party scene – no cash for attendance, but five managers hustle for his invites. From social media whizzes to a PR maestro, brand wizard, and food manager (yes, really), Orry’s crew is on point!

7. Orry Gets Paid To Pose At Weddings

Orry spilled the party tea, confessing he doesn’t charge for appearances, but when folks want a dose of his ‘auspicious touch’ in family photos, that’s 20 to 30 lakhs per night! Salman Khan’s jaw hit the floor at this revelation. Orry playfully added that his touch isn’t just star-studded; it’s got healing vibes too!

Orry’s revelations about his eclectic life and quirky connections in ‘Bigg Boss’ have unraveled a fascinating tapestry of his personality. Each detail adds a layer of intrigue, leaving us eager to uncover more about Orry!

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