Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming film ‘Sam Bahadur’ is creating waves as he takes the promotional stage by storm. Amidst the buzz, questions about Katrina Kaif’s towel fight scene in ‘Tiger 3’ surfaced, prompting a playful and intriguing response from Vicky.

In the midst of the ‘Tiger 3‘ victory lap, Vicky Kaushal dished out a lighthearted tale about the movie’s towel showdown to Indian Express. While watching the film at a screening, he amusingly declared a ceasefire with Katrina, playfully mentioning he’d rather avoid disagreements to dodge a potential towel-whipping. Expressing genuine pride, Vicky hailed Katrina as the undisputed action queen of Bollywood, appreciating her hard work and playfully showcasing the delightful camaraderie that defines their relationship.

Vicky and Katrina’s relationship is a delightful blend of admiration and playfulness, as seen in Vicky’s cheeky ceasefire during ‘Tiger 3.’ Their banter off-screen adds an extra layer of charm to their adorable bond.

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