Perfect eye makeup highlights your features and gives you a picture-perfect look. One of the most trending eye makeup looks is ‘Siren Eye Makeup’ which adds great sheen to your entire style. This makeup look makes your eyes look sharper and longer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to perfectly ace the dramatic Siren Eye Makeup look…

1. Eyeshadow

Use a brown eyeshadow to line your upper lash line. Extend the eyeshadow past the outer corner of your eye in a slight upward curve.

2. Eyeliner

Take a pigmented eyeliner and draw long wings towards the corners of your eyes. The eyeliner should begin in the middle of your eye and should flick outwards with the slightest pull upwards.

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3. Blending

Take a clean and fluffy eyeshadow brush and softly blend the eyeliner and eyeshadow together. This process will blur the lines and create a smokey effect.

After this step, thinly line the inner corner of your eye with an eyeliner with a slight downward point connecting it to your lower lash line.

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4. Mascara

The final step is to use mascara to define your lashes and give a lengthy effect. Apply the mascara on both upper and lower lashes. One can opt for a mascara that has a lengthening or curling effect.