Reality TV sensation Bigg Boss 17 has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with its high-octane drama, unexpected twists, and emotional family reunions. During the Family Week episode, viewers were treated to a surprise as Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s moms made a brief but impactful appearance on the show. The interactions were nothing short of riveting, with Ankita’s mom offering sage advice and Vicky’s mom addressing concerns about their relationship.

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As the door swung open for Family Week, Ankita Lokhande’s mom stepped into the Bigg Boss house, radiating warmth and wisdom. Amidst hugs and tears, she shared heartfelt moments with her daughter. Ankita’s mom offered valuable advice to her daughter, urging her to focus on her own game while allowing Vicky to play his. When Vicky Jain’s mom entered the Bigg Boss house, she wasted no time addressing her concerns regarding Ankita’s behavior towards her son. She specifically mentioned an incident where Ankita allegedly kicked Vicky, prompting Vicky’s father to call her mom and express his concerns. Vicky’s mom engaged Ankita in a candid conversation, questioning her actions and seeking clarification on the incident. She also lightened the mood in the house with her shayaris and entertained the contestants to her capacity!

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s moms brought a mix of warmth, advice, and concern to Bigg Boss 17 during Family Week. The interactions highlighted the intricate dance between personal relationships and the intense environment of a reality show.

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