Bigg Boss 17 continues to be a rollercoaster of emotions, and the latest shocker comes in the form of Ayesha Khan’s speculated elimination. Reports suggest that during the Roast Task, the in-house audience voted for her exit, leading to a wave of reactions from netizens. The unexpected development has ignited conversations across social media platforms, with fans expressing their surprise, disappointment, and varied opinions on the speculated elimination.

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The Roast Task, known for its comedic banter and unexpected twists, took an unexpected turn as Ayesha Khan faced the brunt of the in-house audience’s vote. Some fans have also called this elimination as unfair as she was supposedly trending via Online Trends. While the details surrounding the task and the circumstances of Ayesha’s speculated elimination are yet to be officially confirmed, social media has been abuzz with discussions about the shocking turn of events. Amidst the disappointment and surprise, Ayesha Khan received an outpouring of support from her dedicated fan base.

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Messages of encouragement flooded social media, with fans expressing their admiration for her journey on Bigg Boss 17 and urging her to stay strong in the face of the unexpected elimination.