The Bigg Boss house is known for its emotional roller coaster, and the recent elimination of Isha Malviya has left both contestants and viewers in a state of shock. Among the top contenders, Isha faced an untimely exit on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode due to a low vote count. The unexpected turn of events not only took a toll on the other housemates but particularly struck a chord with Abhishek Kumar, Isha’s ex-boyfriend and fellow contestant. In a tearful moment, Abhishek Kumar broke down over Isha’s elimination, leading to a heartfelt exchange between the two.

Check out his state below…

The shock and disappointment were palpable among the housemates, but none more so than Abhishek Kumar, who shared a past with Isha. In a touching moment, Isha Malviya, despite facing elimination, took the initiative to verbally comfort Abhishek Kumar. Amid tears, Abhishek Kumar profusely apologized for his behavior and actions inside the house. He expressed regret and remorse for any misunderstandings and conflicts that may have arisen during their journey together. Additionally, after she had left the house Abhishek clarified that his emotional breakdown was not fueled by romantic feelings but rather a sense of disappointment that Isha did not reach the top five, as he had expected. The emotional outpouring from Abhishek Kumar and the mutual understanding between him and Isha shed light on the genuine connections formed in the pressure cooker environment of Bigg Boss.

As the Bigg Boss finale week begins, emotions are likely to run even higher, relationships will be tested, and unexpected twists will continue to keep both contestants and viewers on their toes. The top 6 contestants of Bigg Boss 17 are Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Mahashetty.