The Bigg Boss 17 in-house press conference, where the top six contestants faced a barrage of questions from the media, took an unexpected turn as Munawar Faruqui found himself at the centre of scrutiny. Accusations were levied against the comedian regarding the nature of his relationships within the house, with questions raised about the perceived weakness of these connections and suggestions that he has advanced in the game with the support of female contestants.

In the press conference, media representatives didn’t hold back as they questioned Munawar Faruqui about the dynamics of his relationships inside the Bigg Boss house. One media professional explicitly asked how all of Munawar’s relations in the house appeared weak and questioned the comedian on the perception that he had progressed in the game primarily due to the support of female contestants. His journey has been marked by alliances, conflicts, and evolving relationships. The accusations made during the press conference highlight the scrutiny contestants face as they approach the final days of the competition.

The in-house press conference serves as a crucial platform for contestants to address public queries and clarify any misconceptions about their behaviour and relationships.