The intensity of Bigg Boss 17 is escalating dramatically as the season heads toward its highly anticipated finale. In a recent turn of events, Salman Khan showcased his unwavering support for Ankita Lokhande, standing against her mother-in-law’s unfavorable comments. The clash of opinions has not only fueled conversations within the house but also generated significant buzz outside.

On Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan talked about Ankita and Vicky’s marriage drama. Vicky’s sister-in-law cleared the air, saying the family supported them all along, and Ankita’s mom backed this up. Salman got pretty upset with those spreading negativity and compared them to troublemakers in his movies. He straightforwardly told Ankita to cut off from such people for her own good, emphasizing that her happiness with Vicky matters way more than baseless rumors. It was a moment where Salman was a wise advisor, urging Ankita to keep the positive vibes and let go of unnecessary drama.

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I can’t wait to see more of Bigg Boss 17 after Salman Khan’s strong stance! His advice to Ankita resonates with me, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing happiness over unnecessary drama.