Love and relationships often come with their fair share of complexities, and the recent statements made by Vicky Jain’s mother regarding his marriage to Ankita Lokhande have sparked a conversation in the public domain. In a recent development, Vicky Jain’s Bhabhi, Reeshu Jain, addressed the media to provide clarity on the family’s stance. This revelation came during Reeshu Jain’s appearance on the last Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 17, where host Salman Khan questioned her about the family’s views on Vicky and Ankita’s relationship.

Vicky Jain’s mother had previously expressed to the media that the marriage between Vicky and Ankita Lokhande was not in accordance with the family’s wishes. This statement raised eyebrows and led to speculations about the dynamics within the family regarding the relationship. Reeshu Jain, Vicky’s sister-in-law, took the opportunity to clarify the statements made by Vicky’s mother. Reeshu Jain set the record straight by explaining that Vicky’s mother meant their marriage was a love marriage, not arranged by the family. She emphasized that while the family initially might not have been involved in setting up the relationship, they wholeheartedly support Vicky and Ankita’s decision.

Salman Khan, addressing the family dynamics and public perceptions, suggested to Reeshu Jain and her family not to pay heed to external opinions regarding Vicky and Ankita’s behavior inside the Bigg Boss house. Reeshu Jain’s clarification on the family’s stance adds a layer of transparency to the narrative.