The exhilarating journey of Bigg Boss 17 has witnessed its second heart-wrenching elimination from the Top 5, as Ankita Lokhande, a formidable contender, bid farewell to the competition. Despite a power-packed fight to the finale and a substantial fan following, Ankita Lokhande found herself falling short of votes, ending their dream of making it to the Top 3. As we approach the pinnacle of the season, the burning question now lingers: Who among the remaining contestants – Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, and Abhishek Kumar – will clinch the much-coveted trophy?

Ankita Lokhande’s presence in the Bigg Boss 17 house was marked by charisma, strategic gameplay, and a strong connection with the audience. Despite being a fan favourite and displaying resilience in the face of challenges, Ankita Lokhande’s journey reached an unfortunate conclusion. The task involved standing with your family member, the contestants had to put in a letter in the letterbox and had to read it out loud. It would either say evict or safe. Ankita’s mom stood there by her in this elimination. With Ankita Lokhande’s exit, the Top 3 contestants who will battle for the Bigg Boss 17 trophy have been unveiled. Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar have successfully secured their spots in the grand finale, promising viewers an electrifying showdown in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

The elimination of Ankita from the Top 5 has paved the way for a nail-biting finale in Bigg Boss 17. As the Top 3 contestants – Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar – prepare to face their last challenge, viewers are left with the thrilling task of predicting who will take home the trophy.