Alia Bhatt’s upcoming movie ‘Jigra,’ alongside Vedang Raina, has garnered attention as the actress had to undergo basketball training for her role. Despite the shooting already being completed, it’s now unveiled that Alia has dedicated herself to mastering basketball for several scenes in the film, showcasing her commitment to authenticity and versatility as an actress.

As per E-Times, Alia Bhatt‘s role in ‘Jigra’ involves several basketball scenes, prompting director Vasan Bala to ensure authenticity by assigning a coach to her. Alia underwent rigorous training to master the sport, with the coach focusing on teaching her the game’s rules and fundamental movements like dribbling and double dribbling. Additionally, she learned techniques such as passing and dunking the ball, showcasing her dedication to bringing realism to her portrayal on screen.

I’m eagerly anticipating Alia Bhatt’s performance in ‘Jigra’ and how her extensive basketball training will enhance her portrayal on screen. It’s exciting to see her dedication and skill shine through in this upcoming film.

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