Vedang Raina’s role in ‘Jigra’ was always a mystery till Alia Bhatt posted pictures as they wrapped up confirming his role. He is known for his captivating performance in his debut film ‘The Archies’. In a recent interview, Vedang expressed his excitement for the project. He also shared insights into his preparation, highlighting the meticulous work he put in ahead of filming. As production wraps up, Vedang spoke fondly of his experience working alongside Alia Bhatt.

During a recent interview with Lifestyle Asia India, Vedang Raina opened up about his experience collaborating with Alia Bhatt on their upcoming film ‘Jigra.’ Reflecting on his first day of shooting, Vedang admitted to feeling a touch of nervousness, particularly because he was sharing the screen with Alia. However, he emphasized that he had done his homework and was prepared for the scene. Describing ‘Jigra,’ Vedang revealed that the film centers around a sibling relationship, blending elements of action and thriller. He expressed excitement about the project, highlighting its significance in his career journey and likening it to a personal growth experience following his debut in ‘The Archies.’

I’m eagerly anticipating Vedang Raina and Alia Bhatt’s portrayal as siblings in ‘Jigra,’ especially after seeing their adorable bond in the pictures.

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