Janhvi Kapoor, recently featured in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi,’ demonstrated her intense passion for cricket, even learning the sport for her role. During promotions, she attended several IPL matches, and in one viral video clip, she was seen attempting to tie her hair but didn’t complete the action. In a recent interview with MissMalini, she revealed the reason behind this moment.

In a recent MissMalini interview, Janhvi Kapoor addressed the viral meme of her attempting to tie her hair during an IPL match but not completing the action. When asked about it, she explained, “I think I didn’t have a rubber band.” She elaborated, saying she might have thought she had a rubber band but didn’t, or perhaps she almost tied it but got distracted. She admitted she wasn’t entirely sure what happened in that moment. There were numerous memes and reels circulating on the internet about this incident, sparking curiosity among fans and followers. Janhvi’s clarification now puts an end to the speculation surrounding that viral moment.

Catch more revelations and engaging conversations in Janhvi Kapoor’s full interview on MissMalini’s YouTube channel, where she shares candid insights and anecdotes. Don’t miss out—watch the video for all the details!

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