Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have previously too been involved in a fight along with a channel, and the latter walked out of the show, deciding to start his own show. Unfortunately for him, the show didn’t do too well and he decided to come back to The Kapil Sharma Show after a lot of persuasion from the team. Just when you thought everything was going well, the two have had yet another fight. This time, a physical fight on board an aircraft.

Reportedly, a highly intoxicated Sharma walked up to Sunil Grover’s seat and started abusing him, calling him things like a “flop comedian”, and said Grover is his servant because his own show was a flop. Kapil even got into a physical brawl with him, much to the shock of their co-passengers. It was only when the airline staff intervened that Kapil calmed down and went back to his seat. Though Grover didn’t react much  then because he was amidst so many people, onlookers told TOI he looked really disturbed.

Wow. This is really shocking.