We are officially declaring 2017 to be the year of the brow! After the advent of feather brows, barbed wire brows and dragon brows, comes an edgy new trend known as brow carving.

First created by Texas-based makeup artist, Alexa Link, this trend isn’t as lethal as it sounds. Essentially, it involves outlining your brows with a smoky, cut-crease type of line. The intentional negative space highlights the fierceness of this fad.

Instead of breaking out your carving knives, all you need to nail this look is a couple of eyeshadows and a steady hand. First, use a stiff brush to create your initial outline. Next, pick up a fluffy, eyeshadow brush to buff the shadow at the edges. This will help you get that cool, smoked effect. To achieve a colour gradient, use the darker shades towards the tail end of your brows.

Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can go on and experiment with different embellishments. Glitter, rhinestones and flowers are good ones to start with. If you would really like to amp things up, take a cue from Kamran, a 17 year old makeup artist. Not only did he carry out this look to perfection, but he also added a badass, carved lip to the mix!

Honestly, we won’t be surprised to find a new brow trend crop up next week. Stay tuned cause we’ll definitely be talking about it.