Koffee With Karan is easily one of my most favourite shows in Indian TV. Karan Johar as a host is an absolute joy and he manages to make even the most diplomatic celebrities spill the beans.

Over time, Koffee With Karan has calmed down, though – the stars are much more aware of their personas, much more careful about what they’re going to say, and much more conscious about the fact that social media will be buzzing about their Koffee episode for weeks after it airs.

Back in the day, things were different. The first few seasons of the show had our favourite actors let their hair down and focus solely on having a good time.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has graced the Koffee couch only twice in her career and I don’t blame her – she is known to be one of the most diplomatic stars of our times. Her season 5 episode (with Anushka Sharma) created a lot of buzz and we did see a more chilled out side of her. Of course, her Instagram account has me falling in love with her a little more every day so I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I rewatched Katrina’s Koffee With Karan season 2 episode and even though she tried her best to be tactful, KJo got her to say some surprisingly sassy things!

This was the year 2007 and she had Lara Dutta for company.

“We are just good friends!”

Obviously, Karan opened the show with asking Katrina straight up if she is dating Salman Khan. After Katrina spent a good amount of time going in circles and deflecting the question, she resorted to the age-old industry quote – “After the break, I thought about it and I’ve got a better answer for you. It’s really short: we are just good friends!”

Karan asked Katrina how she deals with rumours of link-ups with her co-stars and pat came her reply, “Nobody links me with anyone” with a glint in her eye. Of course, Karan and Lara made jokes about how that’s the case because everyone is scared since she’s dating Salman Khan. Kat continued, “See this model behaviour! I’m just so perfectly behaved and pristine, nobody ever links me with anyone.” And if that wasn’t enough, she went on to joke, “Or maybe I am just undesirable!”

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

“I lay there at night and I fantasize about shooting them all one by one…”

Now remember this is back in 2007. There was a lot of talk about Katrina having a career only because of Salman Khan. Karan asked Katrina if that bothered her and she said: “Yes, it does. I lay there at night and I fantasize about shooting them all one by one…”

Then she made the more important point: “At the end of the day, we are all here for the box office. And the box office speaks for itself. And luckily… I’m sure destiny has a part to play and by God’s grace… the films have worked. You can’t come and tell me that they haven’t because they have, I’m sorry.”

“I am packing my bags and I’m going to find a new career.”

Okay, this one wasn’t as sassy as it was sad. Katrina spoke about how when director Vipul Shah showed her Namaste London, she thought there was “too much of me in the film” and how people won’t watch it because “you start believing what people say about you.” It’s no secret that Katrina, especially in the beginning of her career, faced a lot of criticism for not being good enough and about owing her career to her then-boyfriend. A decade later, she has conquered and how!

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

“If you can get the help, why not?”

Rakhi Sawant had famously said on Karan’s show “Jo bhagwan nahi deta, woh doctor deta hai”. In an industry where very few people admit to going under the knife for anything, it was a refreshing to hear Katrina’s comment on Rakhi’s statement. She said: “I think that it is true. If you can get the help, just a little bit here and there, why not? You should.”

“Rakhi Sawant obviously knows a lot about botox!”

In the rapid fire, Karan asked Katrina to say the first thing that comes to her mind when he says “botox” and Katrina laughed and said “Rakhi Sawant… since she obviously knows a lot about it!”

“Jesus Christ, I’d be sitting at home counting my money, what else?!”…

… was her reply to “What would you you if you woke up one morning to find out you’ve turned into Karan Johar?” She added: “Shah Rukh is my best friend! Everyone is my best friend! I love my life!”

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

“Ya right! What a load of nonsense!”

Karan:  What do actresses mean when they say “I don’t diet or exercise. My figure is just God’s gift!”?

Katrina: Ya right! What a load of nonsense! She sleeps on a treadmill, lives on a treadmill, does not eat anything at all and probably is very good friends with Rakhi Sawant’s surgeons.

“It’s actually because I’m staying up all night with who I’m seeing.”

Karan: What do actresses mean when they say “I am too busy in my career. I don’t have time for a relationship.”

Katrina: I am in a relationship and I am working very hard. But my directors have been telling me I’m looking a bit tired lately. It’s actually because I’m staying up all night with who I’m seeing. So, I wanna cover that up.

You can watch the episode here

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