Not so long ago, Gauahar Khan and Bani J were best friends. In fact, during Bigg Boss 10, when the families of contestants were called on the show, Bani called Gauahar. Even during the telecast of the series, Gauahar often took to social media to vocalize her support for her best friend. But, it looks like there’s some trouble brewing between the two.

Apparently, it started with Bani being very quiet on social media when Gauahar’s movie Begum Jaan released. There were no supportive tweets, or Instagram photos, wishing her ‘friend like family’ all the best for her big Bollywood movie release. Bani then went ahead and deleted all her social media accounts for a while, but they were friends during that phase too. The troubles began when Bani became active online again. After returning, she stopped following Gauahar on Twitter as well as Instagram. Gauahar too, doesn’t follow Bani anymore. We all know that in the age of social media, ‘unfollowing‘ each other is the first sign of discord.

Bani has also deleted all the photos she had with Gauahar from her Instagram, but Gauahar still has a few pictures of the two of them together on her page, maybe there’s hope of reconciliation?