For the longest time and mostly when I was little, I used to think that all of television’s stars actually dressed and talked the way they did in their TV shows – with those heavy sarees, jewellery and makeup. Of course I now know that it’s far from the truth – but we couldn’t see what they were like in their down time many years ago. Thanks to Instagram today, it keeps us close to our favourite actors and gives us a little glimpse into what they’re like off camera.

Tina Dutta is still extremely popular for playing Iccha in the hit TV show Uttaran. People still call her by that name and I’m guessing that’s a good thing if you’re an actor? She has been spending some time away from mainstream media but is quite active on Instagram and often posts the nicest photos of herself. She shared this one picture of herself looking super hot in red. Check it out.

And here are more photos of Tina looking chic as ever.

Gorgeous, isn’t she? For more updates about your favourite stars, follow @missmalinibollywood.