Television’s heart throb and everyone’s all-time favourite roadie Rannvijay Singha broke hearts all over the world when he announced he was getting married to Prianka Vohra. The couple had managed to keep their relationship a secret for a long, long time, which is possibly why fans were so surprised when he broke the news. The two have since then gone onto be married and now, also have their own little daughter – Kainaat – who is an absolute cutie btw.

If you’re wondering how the boy from Mumbai fell in love with a girl from London, worry not, because we’ve got all the updates for you. Rannvijay and Prianka met at a common friend’s after party many, many years ago. Prianka has grown up in London but had cousins in India, who happened to be friends with some of Rannvijay’s friends. The two met and got along like a house on fire. Prianka doesn’t drink and he wasn’t drinking that night, leaving the two of them as the only sober people that night. Rannvijay charmed her with his wit and dance moves, and you know what they say “hasee toh phasee’! And that’s exactly what happened. Nobody had to play cupid because these two connected instantly.

After dating for a while, he decided to introduce her to his family on Lohri and they fell in love with her too! We hear she went to meet them in a salwar kameez and they were mighty pleased, but Prianka being a Sikhni herself, said she would’ve worn the same thing if she was with her own family. There was no looking back for the couple and they tied the knot in 2014 in a private ceremony in Mombasa with their closest friends and family in attendance. And as you all know, they’re parents to the adorable Kainaat, and they even made her a super cute Instagram account of her own! Check out some of their adorable photos and videos.

How cute! These two definitely make us believe that happy endings do exist. 🙂