Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington, who has become a superstar after playing Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones, was recently thrown out of a bar in New York. According to a video obtained by TMZ, Kit, who clearly had too much to drink started arguing with people at the pool table. The actor, while attempting to play pool, became disruptive and pushed people away from him. As per the video, he also banged his hand multiple times on the pool table and got into people’s faces. Soon enough, he was asked to leave the bar, and later, had to be physically removed after he went back in.

Looks like Jon Snow knows nothing about handling his alcohol (sorry, I love you Kit) –

His fans and normal people in general honestly didn’t care that much. It’s a situation most people have been in. Kit turned up at the Golden Globes the next day looking as glorious as he always does.

The new season of the show is not going to premiere until 2019, so I guess this video will be watched on loop all year.

Jon Snow