In Photos: All The Epic Highlights From Season One Of #Vh1InsideAccess!

In Photos: All The Epic Highlights From Season One Of #Vh1InsideAccess!

Divya Rao
Malini and Sidharth Malhotra

It’s February and with only five days to go for the premiere of season two of our show Vh1 Inside Access, we can’t help but be excited! Last season was absolutely epic with some of Bollywood’s biggest stars on the show, and as always, things got quirky, weird and fun. Want a little recap? Here, check out this video NOW!

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Vh1 Inside Access Season 1 Recap
Only six days to go for #Vh1InsideAccess! Are you as excited as we are? Here's a quick recap of all the madness that went down in season 1. On that note, don't forget to catch our first episode of the new season at 8pm on the 11th of Feb only on Vh1 India! :)
Posted by MissMalini on Monday, February 5, 2018

While season 2 promises to be bigger and better, we’ve decided to remind you of all the madness and interesting revelations that happened on the show. Are you ready? Of course you are!

1. Omg! Chris Martin stole the show (and our hearts) with those blue eyes

MissMalini and Chris Martin
MissMalini and Chris Martin

2. That time when Hrithik Roshan played lego with his father Rakesh Roshan and Malini

MissMalini and Hrithik Roshan

3. Varun Dhawan revealed that he had a little crush on Lisa Haydon when he was younger

Varun Dhawan with MissMalini
Varun Dhawan with MissMalini

4. Shah Rukh Khan told us the first thing he does after pack up is take his pants off because he doesn’t like all those layers (who likes pants, anyway?)

MissMalini, Shah Rukh Khan

5. Stan Smith personally signed Malini’s shoes!

Stan Smith signs Miss Malini's favourite sneakies
Stan Smith signs Miss Malini’s favourite sneakies

6. Priyanka Chopra told us of her most embarrassing moment (and it’s adorable!)

MissMalini & Priyanka Chopra

7. Kangana Ranaut told us she wanted to get married in 2017

Malini and Kangana Ranaut

8. Shahid Kapoor told us of his happiest moment and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is!

MissMalini and Shahid Kapoor

If you want to know what these little secrets were, head on to Voot, where you can catch all of season 1.

PS – Season 2 kicks off on the 11th of February at 8pm on Vh1 India. Can’t wait to give you guys the ultimate inside access on all things Bollywood and glam!