People always tell us to stay away from certain things because they’re bad for you. And while some of them are indeed bad, some are actually, surprisingly not. While people’s preferences play a major role in deciding what is good or bad, often times, that information isn’t very accurate. So, here are 7 such things that might just burst your bubble.

1. Wine

While we agree that excessive amounts of any alcohol, in general, isn’t a good idea, wine in moderation is actually good. It has numerous health benefits that make it way too compelling to pass up. Again, it is an acquired taste and is probably not something everyone would prefer.

2. Chocolate

Again, in limited quantity, chocolate has many health benefits. Not only is it good for your skin, it also helps decrease the chances of a stroke and even improves blood flow to mention a few positives. Obviously, not every chocolate is good for you so a little reading up on it should get your sorted out.

3. Potatoes

When it isn’t fried or mixed with some junk, potatoes are actually really healthy! It has low calories and also has fat burning carbohydrates. So there isn’t a need to completely cut them out from your diet completely. Just don’t fry them. Plus they make Vodka.

4. Coffee

Not only does it give you a good boost in the morning, coffee is proven to also prevent type 2 diabetes and also decrease the risk of Parkinson’s. If you cut out the sugar completely, it becomes a low-calorie drink that has major long-term health benefits.

5. Stress

Wondering how on earth is stress could possibly be good for you? Well, the human mind tends to function faster and better under little amounts of stress. Often times, the productivity of a person can increase because of stress. That being said, we are referring to small doses of stress and not full-blown and panic attack inducing stress.

6. Spices

Some people hate spicy food. But spices, in general, have a numerous amount of health benefits. While we don’t expect you to shove chillies down your throat, a little spice makes everything nice! Just to name a few benefits, sage is known to improve and brain function. Similarly, cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. So add a little spice to your life!

7. Being Single

Sure, love rocks and stuff but being single ain’t that bad either. Being single allows you to focus on yourself and give time to other important things in life. Not saying that a relationship isn’t a good thing, it’s just that it takes a lot of work and time and that energy can be spent elsewhere.

What is a weird myth that you’ve heard about? Let us know in the comments below.

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