Millennials these days have really stressful jobs and living situations. They work late hours, party till late and wake up early. With such hectic and erratic lifestyles, it’s important to keep fit. Mental and physical health is of utmost importance to keep up with so much stress around. Whether it is an intense workout, yoga, strength training, or just a long run. A long run is healthy and helps in losing overall fat. But, sometimes, running on a treadmill at a gym could get pretty monotonous. If you prefer to go for runs instead of working out at a gym or at home, here are a few places in Mumbai that are scenic and perfect for a long run. Here they are.

1. Shivaji Park, Dadar

2. Jogger’s Park, Bandra

3. Silver Beach, Juhu

4. Marine Drive

5. Worli Seaface, Worli

6. Jogger’s Park, Lokhandwala

7. Girgaon, Chowpatty

So, ditch that treadmill and run at one of these spots in Mumbai.

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