In today’s time, most of us live a fast-paced life and we barely have time to maintain a healthy balance. We’re either working too much or travelling too much. In the rush of life, it seems that fitness takes a backseat. While most of us don’t really think much about it, little do we realise just how important fitness really is, especially when you’re getting older. So how do you maintain a healthy balance? Well, we caught up with none other than the legend himself, Milind Soman, at a lovely Airbnb in Lonavala, to answer that question.

Milind’s Airbnb Connection

What do you do after you’ve won the Ironman and then the Ultraman title? You organize Pinkathon, India’s biggest women’s run, of course. Supermodel, actor, entrepreneur Milind Soman has been constantly raising the bar for fitness and now his focus is on raising awareness about women’s health in India. Organizing this multi-city initiative sees Milind on the road for extended periods of time. To ensure he’s able to stay fit, Milind prefers to stay at Airbnb homes when he travels for work or vacations.

Staying Fit On The Go

So when it comes to fitness, how does Milind make sure it remains a priority when he’s travelling? Well, here are 5 ways!

1. Eating Right

Eating the right kind of food is one of the first and most basic steps. When you travel, you often get tempted to eat outside food. To avoid this, Milind prefers staying at an Airbnb home because all of them come equipped with kitchens. This makes it easy to cook up a healthy snack whenever he feels hungry.

2. Making Sure Fitness Is A Priority

When it comes to fitness, as long as you’re getting some activity and making it a priority, you’ll be fine. It is a lifelong pursuit and needs to be something you enjoy. When you’re travelling, it can get hard to hit the gym regularly. In that case, Milind prefers to fit in a 10-minute brisk walk or quick jog up the stairs. Additionally, he also prefers to book an Airbnb home with a swimming pool so he can get a few laps in.

3. Practice Mindfulness

No matter what you’re doing, whether running or yoga, always try be living in the moment. This helps you achieve a sense of freedom, calmness and focus. For Milind, no matter the destination, he always selects Airbnb homes that have space and most importantly, a beautiful view.

4. Getting The Right Amount Of Rest

Sleep is extremely important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. One of the major reasons that Milind prefers Airbnb is because it’s like a home away from home. The cosy, comfortable home-like environment lets him get a restful shuteye no matter which part of the world he’s in.

5. Constantly Challenging Yourself

From running marathons to taking part in the Ironman and then Ultraman challenges, Milind is someone who constantly keeps challenging himself. When it comes to fitness, you need to keep pushing yourself to achieve new targets. The feeling of achieving those targets is extremely exhilarating.

Getting Fit & Staying Fit

During this entire event at this gorgeous Airbnb that was located in the hills of Lonavala, we actually realised just how important it is to get fit. While doing some of the most basic exercises, many of us realised just how out of shape we really were. Throughout the entire process and event, Milind helped us realise the importance of fitness but most importantly, he told us that the first step towards fitness is actually getting started. You don’t have to go to the gym or run marathons to get fit. In fact, all you need is 1-minute every day. Each of us has different goals that we wish to achieve through the process and realising those goals is only possible if we’re ready to put in the effort. In this case, the effort is just one minute. The biggest myth about fitness is that it’s tough but, in reality, it really isn’t. Getting started is important and understanding how far your body can actually go is important as well.

The Balance

Upon that hill amidst all the fog and heavy rains was where we realised why exactly it’s essential to have a balance. It all really comes down to how badly you want to change your way. We all have a minute to take it. So, the only thing to do is realise why that minute can be the change we’ve always needed. It’s just as Milind said, no pain no gain is mostly for professional athletes. When it comes to fitness for the average folk, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. Exercises like a plank, push-ups and burpees, when done every day, will bring about all the change you’re looking for. It’s obviously the bare minimum but, it’s a start.

Milind Soman For Airbnb
Milind Soman For Airbnb

Honestly, the day spent at this Airbnb was one of the best things ever. We left feeling refreshed and most importantly, motivated. Motivated to get fit and stay fit! Honestly, it’s not too late to get started and once you do, you’ll notice the change! #ArtOfZenTravel

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