It was on the 16th of September that Bigg Boss season 12 premiered on Colors and thus began another round of entertainment and drama for audiences across the country. If there’s one thing that you can depend on Bigg Boss for, it’s adding an extra dose of drama in your life and then some more. Day 2 proved to be just that with arguments popping up left, right and center between the housemates.

Day 2 – Bigg Boss 12

The drama from day 1 hadn’t even cooled down when Bigg Boss added fuel to fire by waking the contestants up to the song Main Khiladi Tu Anadi. Amidst all the drama, the housemates enjoyed a few light-hearted moments too, when the boys took over the kitchen area and decided to make breakfast for everyone. With Sourabh Patel leading the kitchen, contestants decided to cook what they like, Sreesanth was seen cooking roti and found it hard to make a perfectly shaped roti which was to fun to watch for the housemates. On the other hand, Anup Jalotas lachcha paratha that was highly complimented by all.

Sreesanth – Bigg Boss 12

But besides all the fun and laughter, the tension in the Bigg Boss house is palpable right from the beginning of the first task and it has got us hooked already! This episode began with the housemates still discussing the staged spat between Shivashish and the Khan sisters. The fight which Shivashish and the Khan sisters staged because they were ‘bored’, ended up involving all the housemates into solving it and in turn upsetting a few others when they finally revealed it was a prank. Two of the housemates who were miffed with the whole incident were Urvashi Vani and Sreesanth. While Urvashi may have gotten over it, Sreesanth continued to keep his distance from the Khan sisters.

Sreesanth – Bigg Boss

One might think that’s enough drama for a day but this is the Bigg Boss house and just when you think you’ve seen all the fights, another one just drops! Early morning on Day 2 in the house the Khan sisters demanded everyone to be given their responsibilities in the house and tried to take charge of questioning housemates on their house duties. But the authoritative attitude backfired at them as most of the housemates turned against them. Soon after which, Dipika Kakar pressed the buzzer and nominated the Khan sisters’ jodi for the second day of the first task, ‘BB press conference’, which was to prove why the selected jodi was weaker than the ‘single’ contestant. While the Khan sisters tried to hold their own, the most of the inmates targetted all their questions at them and this turned into a heated argument. The ‘Sanchalaks’ for the round, Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel and the housemates votes mounted up to make Dipika the winner with only two votes in favour of the Khan sisters.

There was so much tension in the Bigg Boss house that you could cut through it with a knife. The next half of the BB Press Conference saw Sreesanth opposite Shivashish and Sourabh Patel and given how upset Sreesanth has been with Shiv, we expected a big showdown but to everyone’s surprise, Sreesanth didn’t look like he wanted to participate at all. With his denying to mention any negative points about the jodi, Bigg Boss intervened and discarded the entire task due to Sreesanth’s lack of honesty and dedicated efforts towards completing the task for a luxury budget which also had implications on the first nomination of the season.

After the task, the entire house was upset with the task being discarded and blamed Sreesanth and Shivashish and Sourabh’s jodi for throwing water on their efforts. The heated argument led to another fight between Sreesanth and the Khan sisters as the cricketer questioned Somi’s upbringing and when brought up by the other housemates unapologetically told them it was a ‘prank’. It was obvious that he was in fact still upset about the ‘fake fight’ from last night but do you think he may have a crossed a line? The fight didn’t end there though when the entire house started to condemn his use of language, Sree apologized again and then suggested leaving the house right at the moment if people thought his actions were wrong.

Sreesanth made the decision in the heat of the moment and walked towards the gate of the house while some housemates including Karanvir Bohra and Dipika tried to convince him otherwise. Whether Sreesanth walks out on his own terms or if Bigg Boss intervenes in the whole situation is yet to be seen! Sometimes one hour of Bigg Boss doesn’t seem long enough for the amount of high voltage drama that goes on in the house, right? But worry not, scroll to binge on all the drama that goes on in the Bigg Boss house until the next episode airs.

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