Bigg Boss is like a minefield, anything can go off at any minute which is the case since it premiered on Colors on the 16th of September. While a lot of the times it ends up in arguments and fights, sometimes it leaves the housemates laughing and the viewers amused at the different sides of every contestant’s personality. The last three days have seen both, laughter and fights, be it Deepak Thakur‘s entertaining antics or Saba  Khan and Somi Khan‘s spat with Sreesanth to Shivashish Sharma and Sourabh Patel getting into an argument. As I said, anything can happen at any time. Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu have also been the target of other contestants questioning their relationship.

This time as well, Jasleen is the centre of someone’s attention but for a different reason. It’s none other than Deepak who can’t stop complimenting Jasleen and pulling her leg at the same time. In a recent sit out near the kitchen area alongside Saurabh and Somi, Deepak tells Jasleen to stop spending money on make-up and rather use the money to buy apples. He further says that Jasleen is so fair that she can contribute to Taj Mahal’s white colour. Jasleen was surprised but took his comments in a light-hearted way.

Deepak does have a way of slipping in his sarcasm and comments through his jokes. Will this habit of his continue to charm everyone in the Bigg Boss house or will Deepak invite trouble for himself?

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