Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

Bigg Boss means Bigg time entertainment. Day 10 has just gone by and the fight between the singles and jodis are going on in full swing. But not every moment is heated as the last, there are some aww-worthy moments that come up here and there and as a viewer, you cherish it as a breather from all the other drama.

Ever since the vichitra jodis were introduced in the show, the one jodi that has been grabbing eyeballs is Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. The authenticity of their relationship has been under the scanner inside and outside the house. Instances when Jasleen refused to sleep in the same bed as Anup ji further fueled these speculations. But looks like in the recent episode, Jasleen has finally put a stop to all such speculation by kissing Anup ji not once but multiple times on the cheek and forehead in front of all the inmates.

Seeing this, even the inmates encourage them to kiss and Karanvir even tells her not to leave out the lips. Both Anup ji and Jasleen blush at the comment and Anup ji says he won’t be wiping out the lipstick marks any time soon.

Check it out.

Aww! How cute are these moments?