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We’re a generation of multi-taskers. We do a hundred things at a time and manage to pull them off. However, that’s really exhausting for the mind. Which is why a lot of people opt for meditation and yoga to get away from their busy schedules. Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. So, today, we’re going to tell you why it’s time to start practising yoga soon!

1. Skin is in

Its the biggest organ we have, and boy does it takes a lot of work to maintain. Lotions, potions, and makeup tricks, there’s just no end to the amount of time most of us spend (both financially and emotionally) on our skin! By regularly practising yoga (we’re talking 2-3 weeks) you will start to see a dramatic difference in your skin. not only will you start to notice a natural flush in the skin (you say sun-kissed), all those annoying little acne days actually start to get less frequent. The reason? Postures work to increase the blood circulation through the body, rejuvenating all the organs, including the skin you’re in.

2. Digest this

Say goodbye to indigestion, feelings of being bloated, and all that other not-so-comfortable stuff many of us feel in the belly because with yoga, your body starts to flush out toxins better and more effectively. Making you feel clean inside and out.

3. Age no bar

Have you ever seen one of those people whose age you just can’t guess? Well, that’s what starts to happen when you begin a regular practice of yoga. Your skin and muscles get toned and increase in their suppleness and elasticity, leaving you looking ageless. So you can say that yoga just might be the ultimate anti-aging product!

Yoga Retreat
Yoga Posture

4. Strong is the new sexy

Toned arms, legs, butt, back, and belly, need we say more? When you can hold your plank for a minute or more, you know you’ve got it goin’ on. Create space, strength, and length through a repeated practice of aasanas.

5. Open your mind

Yoga teaches us to go further, reach higher and stretch deeper. It opens your mind to experiencing breath and body in an entirely different way with each posture, helping you look at life and its challenges from a different perspective.

6. Bend, don’t break

One of the primary benefits to a regular yoga routine is the increase in flexibility one feels in all parts of the body, particularly the hamstrings and spine. Increasing your range of motion not only allows for more in terms of other physical activities like sports, kickboxing but also releases stiffness from high-intensity activities like CrossFit or plyometrics.

Yoga (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Yoga (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

7. Breathe easy

Working with your breath is key in any yoga practice. The emphasis placed on becoming aware of one’s breath and the correct way to breath during the posture helps increase the effectiveness of yoga. Practicing breath awareness also helps people relax more easily and deeply, lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body.

8. Brain booster

Yoga places a lot of emphasis on body balance. The focus and concentration required to practice effective balancing postures as dancers pose or tree pose helps to boost the powers of focus in the brain.

9. Endure anything

Practicing stretching and holding poses, through discomfort helps boost the physical and mental stamina in the body and the mind. Holding a posture not only allows the body to endure the stretch but teaches the mind to be patient and wait for the next release.

Yoga (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Yoga (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

10. Connecting the dots

Perhaps the most beautiful reason to start your practice is the fact that yoga is the perfect vehicle to use to establish a Mind-Body-Spirit connection. This is a benefit which occurs on a deeper, more intangible level of awareness, yet the results can be felt in your life on every level. From the way you respond to stressful situations, to your personal relationships with friends and family. Most importantly, yoga helps you to get to know the most important individual, yourself.

So, if you haven’t started a fitness regime yet, try yoga out. It definitely won’t disappoint you.

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