Day 24 of the Bigg Boss house was like a plot twist you don’t see coming in a mystery novel. It began with the Jailbreak task continuing where Romil Chaudhary and Sreesanth decide to catch Karanvir Bohra when the gate opens. Jasleen Matharu is replaced by Somi Khan in the task and they also strategize on catching Karanvir as the ‘chor’. Deepak Thakur and Sreesanth hold Karanvir while Srishty Rode and Urvashi Vani escape their grasp. While Dipika Kakar announces that Karanvir was out from the task, Sreesanth and Somi are seen getting into an argument as the former wouldn’t let the latter participate in the task. Saba joins in and the Khan sisters get upset and warn Sreesanth from refraining the use of bad language. Deepak comes forward to support Sreesanth and says he’s with him and Dipika tries to calm him down too.

The task starts again as Jasleen and Sreesanth discuss their strategy to hold Urvashi back and let Srishty escape. Urvashi also gets injured in the whole process. Deepak is seen getting upset with Sreesanth as Dipika announces Srishty as the winner of the task and the other contender for captaincy of the house. Thakur is seen talking to Romil and telling his that trusting Sreesanth was a mistake. Soon after Bigg Boss makes an official announcement about Srishty and the Khan sisters being the final participants of the captaincy task. Surbh is seen feeling upset and telling Romil that she was sorry for her behaviour and how she could have easily won the task.

Srishty and Saba decide to let the stronger contender become the captain. Saba is later seen talking to Karanvir as she asks him whether Nehha Pendse is his friend or a competitor. Karanvir answers the question with honesty and says that she is a competitor for him. Saba uses his statement to create a problem between the two. Saba’s tactics end up leaving Karanvir quite angry and he is seen passing comments on Saba. However, Karanvir and Nehha talk about their misunderstanding and push the whole thing under the rug.

The Bigg Boss house and its housemates can often make you feel and think out loud, “Ye kya ho raha hai?” That’s exactly what Shivashish and Jasleen’s ‘blanket stealing’ coup made use think. The duo stole Surbhi’s blanket and the Shivashish refused to return it even after Surbhi demanded it saying she had a high fever. She later asks Sourabh Patel for his blanket and declares that everything was over between them.

The next morning begins with the song, Tera Naam Japdi Phiran from the movie Cocktail and Anup wishes Jasleen a good morning from his secret room. Jasleen is also seen crooning a pop song and Anup praises her talent. Not much later the ‘Who Dun It?’ debacle begins as Romil informs Sreesanth that the Khan sisters were looking for the keys of the fridge. Sreesanth, in turn, gets upset and asks to confront the Khan sisters. Sree then goes over to talk to Karanvir and tell him how Saba and Somi were blaming him for the lost keys. Saba walks in and starts accusing Sreesanth of having lost or stolen the keys.

Their petty issues get sidetracked as Bigg Boss announces a mid-week eviction. The housemates are asked to vote for one person whom they want to see gone from the house from Srishty, Karanvir and Sreesanth. The nominated contestants are asked to stand in the coffins and the coffins fill with sand as the housemates cast their votes. Bigg Boss announces that Sreesanth has been eliminated and Karanvir gets emotional and cries his heart out as Sreesanth doesn’t return into the house with them. The housemates also get emotional as they notice Sreesanth missing. Dipika apologises and as she doesn’t want Sreesanth to misunderstand her. Surbhi lashes out at Dipika for voting against Sreesanth and says he deserved to be on the show.

Once again Bigg Boss leaves the contestants shell-shocked as they are informed that one of the two nominated contestants, Karanvir and Nehha will also be eliminated at the end of the week. Now, that certainly calls for curiosity, drama and lots of gossip in the house, no?

Do you think Sreesanth is really done for the season or do you want to see more of him on the show?

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