Day 24 of the Bigg Boss saw Sreesanth’s exit from the house and his entry straight into the secret room with Anup Jalota. The housemates seemed pretty upset with the decision of Sreesanth’s eviction and made Dipika Kakar the target of their agitation for voting against Sreesanth. Last night’s episode also began with everyone sharing their thoughts on this ‘Eviction Ka Vaar’ by Bigg Boss.

The Bigg Boss house is one place where people and their rapport with each other change at any moment. Saba Khan who was often at loggerheads with Sreesanth was seen saying how she wanted him back in the house and thought of him as her elder brother. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Sreesanth discusses with Anup how Deepak is actually a good person. Like other housemates, Dipika, who has n0 idea that Sreesanth actually hasn’t gone anywhere, speaks to Karanvir Bohra and says how Sreesanth just wanted to go home even when he was unwell. Srishty Rode and Sourabh Patel are also seen discussing the mid-week elimination.

Surbhi Rana who has been vocal about her disagreement over Sreesanth’s elimination blames the singles for him leaving. She also mentions how happy the Singles are since his eviction. Dipika, aware of the tension against her in the house tells Nehha Pendse that she feels like the biggest villain in the house. Deepak, on the other hand, makes the housemates emotional as he sings a song for Sreesanth because he misses him.

The next morning, the contestants wake up to ‘Pretty Woman’ as Bigg Boss hints towards the women contenders for captaincy. We get a peek into the secret room as Sreesanth and Anup discuss the contestants. Anup is of the opinion the Nehha is the least interested in doing anything, Sree reaffirms that Deepak and Urvashi are the most genuine people in the house. Sreesanth is still upset with Dipika and calls her a ‘gamer’. Meanwhile, Dipika is once again seen telling Karanvir that she voted for Sreesanth only because he wanted to go home. Watching this from the secret room, Anup calls Dipika a drama queen. They also discuss how Dipika is trying to manipulate Karanvir to get his support. Watching the housemates and everything that is going on in the house since his eviction from the main house seems to have motivated Sreesanth as he tells Anup, he was determined to win the show now.

Nehha and her lack of taking a stand in the house is something most housemates often talk about. Surbhi did the same as she told Nehha that she gets overpowered very easily. Upon hearing this, Nehha gets upset and the two of them are seen getting into an argument. Romil joins Surbhi and the two of them accuse her as Nehha tries to put her point forward. Sreesanth who is watching the entire incident tells Anup that she is feeling guilty. Later, Jasleen, Nehha and Srishty are seen discussing the elimination and Nehha brings up the point about most of the housemates voting against her.

Being a captain in the house comes with certain privileges which is why Karanvir is seen encouraging Srishty and telling her to give it her all during the task. Not much later Dipika is once again seen discussing Sreesanth’s elimination and tells Karanvir of feeling guilty for his eviction. But the focus moves from Dipika and her guilt as Nehha reads out the captaincy task to the housemates. According to Bigg Boss‘ instructions, the two contenders would have to convince housemates and collect magnetic plates from them. Post which they would have to put the magnetic plates on a board. The contenders would then write their names on the plates and by the end of the allotted time whoever had the most plates with their name on it would be declared the captain.

Srishty and the Khan sisters get to work and start convincing the other housemates. While Srishty tries to convince Shivashish to vote for the deserving candidates, Romil announces that he will be supporting the Khan sisters. Dipika is made into the Sanchalak for the task. Towards the end of the task, Saba tries to create obstacles for Srishty while the latter tries to keep going. They are seen blocking each other’s paths and Saba takes it further and pushes Srishty rather forcefully and Srishty pulls her hair. The two get into a huge fight. Dipika tries to hold Srishty back and calm her down but all her efforts are in vain. Srishty locks herself in the bathroom and sound of things breaking can be heard as housemates try to go and convince her to come out.

Sreesanth observes Dipika’s stance in all this and finds Dipika at fault saying, “Dipika kya bol rahi hai?” While in the house Karanvir tries to calm Srishty down as she breaks down and says she cannot get ugly in a task. Bigg Boss cancels the captaincy task and Saba is seen crying after the announcement as Surbhi tries to pacify her. Bigg Boss also calls in the Sanchalak i.e. Dipika to explain what went wrong during the task. Later, Bigg Boss tells how furious he is and punishes both Srishty and Saba for their violent behaviour by banning them from ever becoming the captains for as long as they were in the house. Bigg Boss also instructs Romil and Surbhi to continue being captains for this week as well. Sreesanth tells Anup that Bigg Boss will have Srishty longer than the Khan sisters on the show.

Dipika and Karanvir discuss the captaincy task and while Dipika feels Srishty was at fault, Karanvir says both were equally responsible for what happened. Sreesanth and Anup continue to watch the entire scene and Sreesanth discloses that he hates Dipika for being so manipulative after she blames Srishty for what happened. Sreesanth seems pretty upset with what he is seeing and tells Anup how he is going to bring Dipika and Nehha’s true face in front of everyone.

Woah! If that felt like too much drama then gear up because the Weekend Ka Vaar is almost here! I can’t wait to see what new shock Bigg Boss throws towards the housemates.

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