The holiday season is here again. Isn’t that a silver lining to the chaotic week we’re all experiencing? However, planning a vacation can be pretty overwhelming itself. Whether it is a honeymoon or a family vacation, planning your travel can be pretty hectic. But with us living in the digital world, that can get easier. Here are a few web portals that can make this process less stressful and messy and ensure you have a happy holiday. Here they are:

1. Taxidio

They’re an automated trip planning website and they also help with personalised itineraries across 93 countries.

2. Travel Triangle

Taking the help of multiple local agents, TT provides bargain-worthy prices that make travel planning easy and affordable.

3. BEEP – Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places

If you’re into scuba diving, skydiving, snorkelling and more, BEEP is the perfect portal to plan your trip. They organise group tours across countries and provide adventurous experiences.

4. The Pravasi

Kamya Samgodkar is a luxury business and corporate travel planner but also specialises in family travel planning with her website, The Pravasi.

5. Hello Travel

Curated travel packages through local agents around the world, Hello Travel makes international holiday planning feel like a piece of cake.

6. Pick Your Trail

This one’s another super helpful travel portal. You can customise really affordable trips based on your dream destination and fulfill all those travel destinations on your bucket list.

Travel cannot get easier than this thanks to these portals that are easily accessible and at the tip of your fingers. So, what are you waiting for, get planning!

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