Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh managed to keep us glued to our seats yet again when they shared multiple pictures from their Mehendi and wedding ceremonies yesterday. The newlyweds looked so happy in all their pictures and all we could hear was ‘aww’ from all around. Among all the other pictures they shared, there was one picture which had a special story behind it.

From the Konkani wedding pictures that they had uploaded on Instagram yesterday, there is this one particular picture where Deepika and Ranveer are candidly captured as they’re involved in completing a pre-wedding ceremony. Both of them look like they’re working a chakki (stone grinder) together.

Check the photo below:

This Konkani wedding ceremony is called Udida Muhurat where the bride learns how to grind the gram for use in the kitchen every day as a mark of taking care of the home and her husband. A source revealed to us, for this ceremony, Deepika also wanted Ranveer to be a part of it and he happily agreed! We absolutely love the fact that the couple believes in equality through and through and Deepika added this much-needed twist to an age-old tradition. Hence, we have this wonderful and happy picture of the couple from the ceremony.

Now, this is what we call couple goals. Don’t you all agree?

Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding was a private affair with only their close family and friends in attendance. The two tied the knot at Lake Como in Italy and we were all waiting to see the pictures from their wedding but Ranveer and Deepika were clear that no photographs from the wedding would be out before the couple themselves posted them. Turns out, there was a reason behind that too.

Our source revealed to us that everything about both the wedding ceremonies was given equal importance. The Konkani wedding was as important as the Sindhi wedding and Deepika and Ranveer wanted to make sure both the wedding pictures were released together. They didn’t want photographs from one wedding to go viral on the internet. This was the reason we saw them unveil photos of both their weddings together.

That was very thoughtful on the couple’s part, wasn’t it?