Beer is probably the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Especially during the summer it feels good to relax with a chilled pint in your hand after you’ve had a long, weary day. So, we decided to dig a little deeper and see if drinking beer actually does any good to our bodies, considering the fact that it is consumed by so many people from all around the world.

1. Bones

Drinking beer can actually help increase your bone density as the beer is rich in dietary silicone. It also aids in minimising the risk of osteoporosis—a porous bone condition.

2. Eyes

It was claimed in a study by the University of Western Ontario that consuming a beer every day can help reduce the risk of developing a cataract. Basically, it guards the eyes by preventing damage in the mitochondria.

3. Heart

Drinking beer thins the blood, thus decreasing the risk of forming a clot which could result in a coronary artery blockage. It also aids in minimising the danger of inflammation, a potential cause to atherosclerosis.

4. Brain

Beer consumption is also known to help prevent brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Also, you might have noticed how you feel ‘happy high’ after drinking beer as compared to other types of alcohol. That’s because the amount of dopamine in your brain increases after consuming beer. Dopamine helps you feel relaxed and calm.

5. Skin & Hair

Ever noticed how your skin glows beautifully the morning after having a beer night? It’s because beer has vitamins that prevent and correct acne while adding a glow! Also, you must have come across beer shampoos, which shows it is good for the hair.

6. Bowel Movement

About 20% of the recommended everyday fibre dosage can be consumed by having a pint of beer. This, in turn, helps in bettering the bowel movement.

7. Weight

Xanthohumol is a chemical flavonoid that helps in reducing weight and lowering cholesterol levels. This flavonoid is also found in beer, as per a study conducted by Oregon State University.

8. Kidney Stones

A study revealed that drinking one pint of beer every day could actually help in reducing the chance of developing kidney stones by as much as 40%. Also, beer is almost 90% water. And is there anything stronger than water to prevent kidney stones?

While there are many health benefits associated with drinking beer, you also need to remind yourself about responsible drinking. Anything consumed out of proportion could cause health issues, even something as healthy as a fruit!

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