Monsoon is coming in full-force, making city life even more hectic. We totally need a break from the maddening rush of Mumbai and what’s better than a weekend getaway with your girlfriends? An all-girls trip to a relaxing villa, away from the chaos of the bustling city life, sounds just right! You will be flabbergasted by how much nature has blessed the areas around this coastal city with so many vivid landscapes, which makes it perf to head out for a nonchalant, short weekend trip that’s just a long drive away. Here are a few places you can stay at, to have a good time with your gal-pals this monsoon.

1. RiverRock in Karnala

This organic architectural beauty is the au naturel getaway for you and your BFFs. It comes with a private outdoor Jacuzzi and an over-the-fence view of a river. This rustic villa is a great escape to go cosy up on the balcony with a cuppa tea and enjoy the weather.

No. of guests – 8
Average cost per night – ₹ 6,000

2. Villa 30 in Lonavala

It’s serene and quiet. The perfect little cosy place to unwind.

No. of guests – 16+
Average cost per night – ₹ 10,000

3. Bellini in Karjat

The villa boasts of an indoor terrace pool, which sounds just perfect for you and your girls to kick back and relax. A stone’s throw from Mumbai, this villa doesn’t just have a gaming arcade, but also air-hockey and a TT table. That sounds like a bucket load of fun to me!

No. of guests – 12
Average cost per night – ₹ 13,000

4. Gardenia in Kihim

Grab your swimming suits because this place has an infinity pool! This beautiful villa has green slopes that you can slide down on and the villa is only 10 minutes away from Kihim beach. So convenient for a weekend away!

No. of guests – 16+
Average cost per night – ₹ 24,000

5. Kapadia Bungalow in Alibag

The private pool villa evokes the feeling of abode in paradise at the sight and sound of nature. An awesome place to unwind with your girl gang.

No. of guests – 10
Average cost per night – ₹ 30,000

6. Montila in Lonavala

This humble nook is situated at the foothills of Khandala Mountains. A great place to run away to for a short weekend.

No. of guests – 16+
Average cost per night – ₹ 7,500

Now get on your phone, make some calls, and go on that trip with your girls! Because a stay in any of these places is bound to make you feel like you’re in paradise, even while you’re just a few kilometres from the concrete city.

Let us know in the comments below which spot is your fav choice…

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