Until I got my very first tube of clear mascara, I didn’t get the hype around it. Before I tried it, I thought “What’s the whole point if the mascara is clear? It defeats the whole purpose of a mascara.” I was super loyal to my usual jet black mascara. However, my opinion took a complete 180° turn after trying it once. Over the past few months, I’ve learnt that there are many more uses to this product than just applying it to your eyelashes. If you’re curious to know all the different uses this wonderful product has, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few unconventional yet genius ways you can use clear mascara:

1. Natural Lashes:

If you want to try out the no-makeup-makeup look, then you should definitely have a tube of clear mascara with you. Applying a few coats of this transparent gel will make your eyelashes look longer and more defined. Using this product rather than a regular mascara is great (especially during summers) because you’ll save yourself from those black watery lines streaming down your face. So if you want a set of eyelashes that look natural and clean, then swap your regular mascara with a clear one.

P.S it’s also way easier to remove clear mascara compared to the regular one.

2. Brow Gel:

No time to go and get your eyebrows threaded? Clear mascara has got your back. Just applying a few coats of this product will tame your brow hair and make you look more put together. You can use it on its own or use it after you’ve applied your brow pencil/pomade. Using a coat of this product on your brows after you’ve filled them in, will make them look bolder and they’ll stay put for a longer time.

Clear Mascara

3. Tame Flyaways

Baby hairs are a nightmare to deal with. No matter how perfect the ends of my hair look, those tiny little SOB’s stand up and ruin any hairstyle I try. Luckily clear mascara has helped me tame them. Just a little bit of that transparent gel on a spoolie helps me tame flyaways. If you don’t believe me, then you have to try it for yourself. It works wonders!

4. Mascara Primer:

This may seem unnecessary but only until you try it. Using a clear mascara before using your regular one will result in long lashes that don’t have any clumps. All you have to do is apply a coat of the clear gel, let it stay and dry on your lashes and then apply your regular mascara. Doing this will help you get those long and wispy eyelashes that’ll have people asking you “OMG are those your real lashes?”

BRB I’m opening another tab to get another tube of clear mascara. What about you?

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