One of the first questions asked in any visit to the gynaecologist is, ‘When was your last period?’ If like me, you can’t seem to ever remember your period dates either, downloading a period-tracking app could prove super useful. And beyond simply maintaining a record of your menstrual cycle, these apps help know your own body a lot better!

For instance, you could monitor the symptoms you get before or while riding the crimson wave—mood swings, headaches, nausea, cramps, diarrhoea, etc. Tracking your period would also keep you on the lookout for any potential health issues. For those looking to get pregnant, it could help give an idea about the days of ovulation.

Now, there are tons of apps to keep track of your periods. But how to know which one to choose? We reached out to the ladies in Malini’s Girl Tribe and asked them about their favourite app, and how it helped them. Here are some first-hand recommendations from the ladies themselves!


My periods used to be irregular, so I downloaded this app to keep a track of my cycle. Ladytimer provided information on my cycle. I could track my PMS symptoms, and keep a record of previous periods. While using the app, I became aware of the fact that if my weight went beyond a certain limit, my period would get more painful and PMS symptoms would become worse. It’s actually meant to help women track their cycle and pick the best time to try and get pregnant, but as I’m not looking to get pregnant at this point in my life, I use it for the exact opposite reason!

shares a member of Malini’s Girl Tribe.


I could never remember the dates of my periods, and Flo really helped me with that. It sends reminders before your period is due. Besides this, it provides a lot of information related to women’s health and hygiene, and I’ve learnt a lot from that. In fact, my daughter also uses this app, and I think it’s the best app I’ve ever come across,

shares another member.

What I like about Flo is how easy and uncrowded the user experience is. You can track your weight, moods, symptoms during your period, and more. Beyond tracking your menstrual cycle, it has a lot of informative articles too.  Moreover, you can ask questions anonymously to other women, and get useful responses too!

expresses a 29-year-old working professional from Pune.

My Calendar

This app has an easy user interface, and is really helpful in reminding you when your period is around the corner, or when you forget to put in your date,

observes Pankhuri Verma, a 39 year old IT professional from London.


Lunacycle helped me not only keep a track of my period dates, but also gave me tips on how to take care of my skin during my cycle.

expresses Sheetal Mansharamani, a 40-year-old mother of three kids, based in Mumbai.


I started using Fitbit, primarily, for what it was intended: to count my steps and motivate me to exercise and be more active. Before period-tracking apps came into the picture, I used to draw little hearts on my calendar at home, but once the year ended, the calendar was thrown out, and tracking the length of my cycle and the approximate date of the next one, became difficult. When I discovered PeriodPlanner, things became much easier. They ask you to feed in details of your previous cycle when you download the app, and based on the information you give, it tells you when your subsequent cycles will occur.

explains 30-year-old working professional, Claudelle Mariola Monis. She adds,

In addition to that, it informs you of the days of ovulation, and even lets you feed in details of how you’re feeling throughout/before your cycle, or if you have a discharge. I particularly like how it tells you what kind of discharge is normal and when it needs to be shown to a medical practitioner. These aren’t things we take very seriously, or even want to talk about to our doctors, or mothers, or anyone we’re close to. Now that Fitbit has integrated the same system into their app, it makes my life so easy, because it’s one less app to have on my phone, Since I sync my Fitbit daily, I don’t have to open a separate app to note down my period cycle or how I’m feeling.


Cherry helped keep a track of my menstrual cycle. It informed me when I was ovulating. I used to have very painful periods, but this app helps me be mentally prepared for it now. So, I can understand my PMS symptoms and manage cramps better. It also shares tips and facts about sex, PCOD, and other things related to women and their health. I used to have very painful periods, but this app helps me be mentally prepared for it. It’s also useful for planning my diet and also my work schedule during my cycle.

shares Girl Tribe member Zainab Raj.

Have you used any period-tracking apps? Please share with us your reviews and recommendations in the comments below!

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