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The never-ending nail art trends on social media never fail to fascinate me. Gradient, tortoiseshell, and even lipstick shaped nails had their moment on Instagram until a few days back. However, nail art junkies have found their next obsession and it’s juicy AF. Say hello to fruit nails, they’re fun, colourful, and super on-trend right now.

The fruity manicure you can spot at the top belongs to supermodel Gigi Hadid and they’re designed by none other than her go-to nail technician Mei Kawajiri. Gigi decided to give her nails a fruity and fun twist just in time for her summer vacation. Ever since Mei posted this picture of Gigi’s nails, I’ve been seeing fruit nails everywhere on Instagram. So, if you want to try out this fun trend then here are some cute ideas for you to get inspired:

1. Double Trouble

Can’t decide which fruit you want on your talons? Get them both! These adorable pineapple and watermelon fruit nails are really tempting me to book an appointment at the nail salon. One thing that I really love about this mani is the striking colour contrast between the two colours.

2. Feelin’ Peachy

Honestly speaking if these were my nails I could never stop staring at them. What I love about these fruit nails is that the colour of the peaches subtly matches the colour of the skin. So the design looks like a seamless extension of your skin.

3. Zesty Lemon

If you don’t feel like adding a fruit design on each nail then just add it on a few of them and pair it with a similar colour. This one, in particular, has a gorgeous colour pairing of lemon yellow and pastel green.

P.S. did you notice the detailed lemon peel on the ring finger of her left hand? I can’t stop swooning over the beautiful details.

4. Fruity Cuticles

This manicure is done with a more minimalistic approach. If you want to keep your manicures simple but you still want a pop a colour then these fruity nails are perfect for you!

5. Cherry On The Tip

Give your usual french manicure a twist with a couple of cherries. It’s a great way to add some colour to your nails but still keep the classic touch of a french manicure.

6. A Hint Of Grapefruit

There’s just something so appealing about the texture of citrus fruits, isn’t it? Hence, when I saw this gorgeous grapefruit manicure, I knew I had to include it in this list.

7. Fruit Salad

The more the merrier, amirite? Adding multiple fruit designs to your nails will make your manicure more colourful and whimsical!

8. Best Of Both Worlds

Can’t decide if you should make your next manicure glittery or fruity? Get the best of both worlds by getting glittery nail polish on one hand and fruity designs on the other.

9. Crushin’ On Melons

It’ll feel like it’s summer all year long if you get this quirky watermelon manicure, no?

P.S. Those aren’t actual water droplets, they’re painted onto the nail. *heart eyes*

10. Encapsulated Fruits

IMHO this fruit nail art takes the prize! These nails have little plastic discs of fruit encapsulated under the gel! Now that’s what I call overachievement.

Which fruit nail art look did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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