This season of Bigg Boss boasts of a huge audience viewership, and it’s not only us who are enjoying the show. It is also viewed by a host of other celebrities as well, the friends of the contestants on the show to be particular. Be it Gauahar Khan, Bipasha Basu or now, Mahhi Vij, these celebs are following the show as much as any of us and have their favourites.

When it comes to Mahhi, it is a well-known fact that she is very good friends with Rashami Desai. But when it comes to the show, she is often seen supporting ‘Punjab’s Katrina Kaif’ — Shehnaaz Gill. So, when she recently retweeted a tweet that dissed Rashami, fans on Twitter lost their cool and termed her a ‘fake friend’. The tweet said that Sidharth and Rashami were playing with the emotions of the audiences and even termed her as #FlushMeDesai It also says that Sidharth flirts with Rashami who insults him all the time but has problems with Shehnaaz who actually likes him. Mahhi replied to that saying she feels bad for Shehnaaz.

Here’s the tweet that Mahhi retweeted:

Fans immediately bashed for being so insensitive about her friend and said they wouldn’t ever want a fake friend like Mahhi.

Opening about this trolling in an interview with SpotBoyE, Mahhi said:

I didn’t read the first line and the hashtag #FlushMeDesai because I was replying to the second part of the tweet which was about Shehnaaz Gill. I didn’t say anything wrong about Rashami. I don’t need to clear my friendship with Rashami on Internet.

Ask her about whom she supports between Rashami and Shehnaaz, she says:

Rashami and I are very good friends but it’s not Rashami Vs Shehnaaz for me. I m watching the show as an audience and I will put my views across. I am supporting Shehnaaz because she is playing very well. She hails from a small town and is only been entertaining since the beginning. If you are following the show, you will notice that Shehnaaz is playing as an individual personality and doesn’t need anyone’s support. Having said that, Rashami is a very dear friend and is family, but as an audience, I am enjoying Shehnaaz’s performance. What’s wrong in that?

After all this, Mahhi also posted a picture of her daughter Tara with Rashami and captioned it, ‘We love Maasi’. Have a look:

Well, seems like she’s looking at Bigg Boss as separate from her personal relationships and now that’s clear.