Makeup Artist

Let me just start by saying that I follow more than a thousand Instagram accounts and I’m pretty sure a third of them belong to makeup artists. Most people spend their time on Instagram drooling over delicious food pictures or videos or searching for adorable pictures of doggos. I agree that I’m guilty of doing the same; however, nothing beats my makeup addiction! I can scroll for hours on end, looking at makeup tutorials and unique makeup looks. There’s something very therapeutic about it. So if you’re a beauty junkie on the lookout for the latest makeup trends, here are some makeup artists you have to follow on Instagram:

1. Dana Vaughan

Dana is a Melbourne based makeup artist, and she has one of the most aesthetic Instagram accounts that I have ever seen! From fun pastel eyeshadows to classic glam, you get it all the makeup inspiration you need from her insta handle.

2. Hung Vanngo

If you want to see your favourite celebrities getting glammed up, then you have to follow this makeup artist on Instagram. If I had to describe his work in three words, they’d be clean, unexpected and stunning!

3. Patrick Ta

This is another one of my favourite celebrity MUA accounts on Instagram. Patrick Ta’s work ranges from classic makeup looks to edgy graphic makeup looks.

4. Sonik Sarwate

You’ll find some of the freshest makeup looks on Sonik Sarwate’s Instagram handle. Since I’m a fan of the “no-makeup-makeup look“, I love stalking this account. If effortless and classic makeup is your thing, then make sure you follow this handle.

5. Shraddha Naik

Shraddha Naik is the genius makeup artist responsible behind Shraddha Kapoor‘s gorgeous makeup looks. Not only does she post stunning pictures of her work, but she also shows the work that happens behind the scenes to create the makeup look.

6. Pati Dubroff

From Margot Robbie to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Pati’s Instagram is a collection of stunning celebrity makeup looks. I love the fact that there is so much variety in her work. She’s not afraid to experiment with new makeup trends like neon eyeshadow and bedazzled makeup.

7. Katie Jane Hughes

This makeup artist is one of my favourites because she came up with the hashtag #NormaliseSkinTexture and that’s one topic everyone should take seriously. In the age of photoshop and airbrushing everything to perfection, Katie is encouraging her viewers to embrace their natural skin texture.

Which makeup artists do you follow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.

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