Anupam Kher Shares That He Broke Barricades To Meet Michael Jackson

Shubanka Sridhar , 30 Jun 2020
Anupam Kher; with Michael Jackson (Source: Instagram | @anupamkher)
Anupam Kher; with Michael Jackson (Source: Instagram | @anupamkher)

Anupam Kher is a master entertainer. Be it his versatile acting chops or his entertaining and thought-provoking videos on his social media, he never ceases to amaze us. But did you know that he is a fan of the legendary pop icon, Michael Jackson? The actor posted pictures of him with the late pop star and shared a story from when he met him in India.

Anupam Ji shared that when Michael Jackson visited India in 1996, he was one of the lucky ones to be invited to meet him exclusively. He reminisces how there was so much awe among the guests as MJ came and stood in-front of them. Amazed at seeing “the magician” who had enthralled him with his music, Anupam Ji says that he couldn’t help but take the leap. So, he broke the barricades, only to be met by MJ’s bodyguards. But his friend on stage introduced him as ‘India’s biggest actor’, saving him from their hands. He then had a very brief but memorable few minutes with Michael Jackson, who shook his hands. The actor says that his moment of spontaneity gave him a life-long memory that he will always cherish.

Here is his post:

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Story of this picture!! When Michael Jackson visited India in 1996 a group of selected people were invited to meet him exclusively at Oberoi hotel gardens. I was also the lucky one. Thanks to Bharat Bhai Shah. There was a small stage set up in the garden with a barricade for the special guests. MJ walked down from his suite and stood on the improvised stage with his bodyguards. There was silence and sense of awe among the selected guests. I was looking at this magician who had enthralled and hypnotised the entire universe with his electrifying performances. He was just few feet away from me. I wanted to capture this moment. So I broke the barricade jumped on the stage and almost hugged MJ. The bodyguards rushed towards me and before they could pick me up bodily Bharat Bhai Shah in panic introduced me to Michael Jackson as the biggest actor in India. He immediately and politely bent down and shook a jubilant me’s hands. And my history was captured in this picture. Sometimes you have to make an effort to create Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai moments. Jai Ho!! 😍😍😎🤓 Pic courtesy my friend @timmins.andre. #MichaelJackson #Overwhelming

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This is such a cool story, no? Trust our favourite actors to also be star-struck at some point in their lives!

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