If you remember the ’80s, you might recognize the cycling shorts from almost every workout video, commonly paired with those bright leotards that were all the rage. Maybe you might just know them as the stretchy garment used mainly by athletes. Nevertheless, unless you’ve been under a rock you would have noticed that bicycle shorts have made their return to fashion aren’t going away anytime soon. This activewear trend first really gained traction in the mid-1990s thanks to the late Princess Diana of Wales, who made the sportswear to street-wear look iconic. She was often spotted wearing colourful iterations of these shorts with oversized sweatshirts and running shoes for a fuss-free look that’s still recreated to this day.

Fun fact, this piece of activewear that originally created for competing cycling athletes in the 1800s, was first made out of wool. Yikes! Can you imagine the discomfort and chafing? Since then, it has made a long journey from its’ rise in the early 1900s within the masses, when bicycling became a recreational activity, to the fashion staple, it is today. These shorts are no longer just an athletic uniform. We recently saw the bicycle shorts make a resurgence and become a blown out trend in 2019. This versatile sporty staple has only increased in popularity with the push from celebs like Kim Kardashian to models like Bella Hadid rocking them off duty.

The sporty shorts has become everyone’s go-to, overthrowing the old favourite that was leggings. Truly, bike shorts do seem to be a little intimidating at first and I too was sceptical, but trust me this style isn’t reserved only for the high fashion starlets. There’s no limit to styling these affordable and comfy shorts on the daily. It’s definitely worth giving this trendy item a shot and to create some effortless outfits on the go.

Take a cue from these fashionistas on how they’re styling the bike short trend on the daily:

1. With A Blazer

Look like a boss babe with the addition of a structured blazer with your bike shorts. You could end it here with some sneakers and be good to go but if you want to look put-together pair it with some heels to make your legs look amazing. Opt for a t-shirt tucked underneath or even a shirt for a more polished look. Better yet, cinch a leather belt around the waist, over your blazer, as Maja Miletic has here. It elevates the entire outfit and helps accentuate your waist creating an overall chic look.

2. With An Oversized Shirt

Got to run out the door for an informal meeting or lunch? Try this easy outfit combo from Deepika Malik that I adore. The oversized, boyfriend button-down, shirt over black shorts and ugly dad sneakers is very fashionable. It combines 3 trends together for a seamless athleisure look that’s very comfortable and breathable. A great outfit for those days when you don’t have much time to plan an outfit. And let’s not forget the banging accessory that is the fanny pack that keeps your hands free while you move about town.

3. With A Bomber Jacket

Nail the edgy yet sporty look like Komal Pandey. The fashionista effortlessly captures the Instagram baddie look with this monochrome look. From the sports bra with a graphic waistband detail to the large bomber jacket and translucent heels she looks sleek and sporty. The slouchy jacket keeps the athletic theme intact while the purse and sexy heels add a feminine touch to create stylish contrast. Perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee with friends or some casual drinks on cooler days.

4. With A Pop Of Neon

Roshni Daswani is giving us that whole model-off-duty type of look here. Her cropped neon sweater adds a pop of colour to the otherwise monotone outfit. The belt bag and matching trendy black sunnies complete the whole look making it fashionable yet great to run errands in. If cropped sweaters aren’t your thing opt for an oversized hoodie that is also quite in, with your bicycle shorts instead.

5. With An Oversized T-shirt

This casual look is perfect for anyone who wants to gently ease into the bicycle shorts trend. Plus, you can’t go wrong with an oversized tee and sneakers. This outfit combo is a default formula that is currently the fashion girls favourite on the weekends. Go for an all-black outfit like Adriana Brito who’s styled this street look wonderfully with minimal accessories. An all-black look is an easy way to look super chic and fashionable with minimum, effort. You can’t go wrong with trusty sneakers and a structured bag that instantly makes you look more put together.

6. Sporty Sets

Obviously, as you know, cycling shorts were created with the intention of working out. Although, honestly, you don’t have to. Whether you use them to exercise or just lounge about the house stylishly, it’s all about the matching sets. Get a co-ord top and bottom set the next time you want to work out. Have fun and try some bold colours and prints are quite trendy too and might just get you motivated to exercise! I love this simple yet functional, long-sleeved, cropped sporty set, Sabina Alexia is wearing. Different than the usual sports bra style, it’s great for those days where you need some more coverage. With her high ponytail and fun white sneakers, she looks confident and ready to kick ass at her next workout session.

How do you feel about the bike shorts trend? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

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