The Telugu thriller, HIT: The First Case, released in the theatres in February, just a few weeks before the nationwide lockdown, and was an instant “hit” among the audiences! The cop thriller is all parts gripping, mysterious and intense. Following its major success down south, a report in Mumbai Mirror suggests that the film is all set to be remade in Hindi.

The report states that the film will star Rajkummar Rao in the lead role, who’ll play the troubled cop hero. the Hindi remake will be produced by Dil Raju and Kuldeep Rathore.

Speaking about working on the film, Rajkummar told the publication that he really enjoyed the film in Telugu. He says that he instantly connected with the film and felt it was relevant in today’s time. He also adds that as an actor, he is always looking to explore his craft and that HIT is a chance for him to do that.

Dr. Shailesh Kolanu, who directed the original is all set to direct the Hindi remake too. Speaking about casting Raj in the lead, he said that he wanted to cast someone who will bring the darkness to the role of the troubled cop, yet give a matured performance to make the audience root for him.

The Telugu film suggested a sequel to the film owing to it’s open-ended climax. Shailesh admits that the sequel is in the making, where he wants to create a realistic world of crime and investigation. He adds that he feels this film will work in Bollywood because of its global premise.

I sure am excited to see Raj play the intense cop in this film and is something we will see him doing for the first time!