Happy 74th Independence Day to everyone! This day that comes once a year, is the day when most people are suddenly reminded of their love and admiration for their nation. With the traditional flag hoisting, some nationalistic speeches, songs, and dances, the country and it’s freedom are celebrated every year in India on the 15th of August. Stories about the freedom struggle, the partition, and the British Rule are recited and every citizen takes pride in the country that they call home. However, there is one such couple that celebrates its land and home every single day. Abhiraj and Niyati, better known as the power coupleAbhi and Niyu“, pride themselves in telling stories of the “real” India. This husband-wife content creator duo has over 445k subscribers on YouTube and a million followers of Instagram. They create content relating to issues worth giving a voice to and teach you to treat your country responsibly. Most importantly, just like us, their mantra is positivity.

Here’s what they have to say about their journey

When did you plan to come up with information based content?

It was never planned. We just wanted to talk about the things that matter to us. Last year we started a series called “100 Reasons to Love India” where we focus on small bits of positive news happening around us. We finished the series in May 2020 and now we make videos about everything around us but with a solution-oriented approach. We believe content is self-evolving. With every video, we make we learn something new, and unknowingly that feedback translates into our next video.

What inspired you to do so

We wanted to have a voice. We wanted to focus on a solution-based approach to everyday living. We are tired of people complaining all the time about things that are wrong in India. Complaining is easy, but going one step beyond and asking “hum kya kar sakte hain” (what can we do) is hard. It needs thinking, it takes time. We wanted to show that small things can make a difference. And we wanted an army of positive people who believe – “ek ke karne se kya farak padta hai? Lekin ek ek ke karne se bohot farak padta hai. Aur in dono lines mein sirf ek ka farak hai. And that’s the reason why – farak padta hai!”

What impact do you wish to create

We want our online videos to have some sort of offline impact. The videos that are able to change a mindset and make people take the smallest bit of action in the right direction are our best videos.

Tell us about a specific experience that has stood out in your journey

Last year when we made the Eco-Friendly Ganesh idols video that video was shared all across India. We had given just a few options to buy from in that video but people started messaging us about more options in different cities and states. It truly sparked a positive change everywhere around us and it was thrilling for us as it was our first video that went truly viral. People would go to a shop, show our video and say, “We want our idol like this”. The credit for this doesn’t go to us. The credit goes to the people who understood a point and decided to change. We are happy to be a small part of it!

Which is your most viral video and why do you believe it was so loved

A lot of videos have gone viral on WhatsApp and we have no idea about how many views they got. There’s no one video that we can pick and say that this is our most successful video because we don’t like to measure the success of a video based on the number of likes or views. Any video gets shared only if it resonates with the audience. We don’t make videos about us, we make videos about everything that is happening around us. And that is relevant for people. That’s why it gets shared and gets a shot at being viral.

You gained a massive following with the content you created during the lockdown; tell us about the ideas behind the content you have created during this time

Our idea has always been to make real videos about everything we love. The lockdown was a restriction for us like all other content creators because we couldn’t travel. We let the information travel to us and did the best we could with it. It is as simple as that! There are ideas floating all around us waiting to be channelized into something good. And that’s all we did. One video after another.

Abhi and Niyu are and inspiration to everyone. The two of them teach us the real meaning of being patriotic and remind us to not just feel patriotic but act patriotic. This Independence Day remind yourself to love your country and make sure you do your part in giving back to the country for all that it gives you!

Jai Hind

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